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ЗА ПРОДАН Мезонет 225 m2


Мезонет 225 m2

code 1011-73 THERMI (THERMIS EXPANTION) for sale an excellent three-storey corner maisonette 225sqm (year of construction 2014) with a corner garden of 160sqm. A house overlooking Thermaikos, away from any noise and at the same time very close to the market and the schools. It is possible to self-level the ground floor from the other two floors so that the house can be used for dual residence. 1st floor: It has a very large living room with fireplace. A special feature of the maisonette are the many windows and balcony doors that give intense brightness to the very spacious and functional house. A large balcony door in the living room leads to the veranda and the front garden while the balcony door of the kitchen area leads to the back veranda and the back garden. In addition there is 1 luxury WC with window. The marble staircase leads to the upper floor with the bedrooms. 2nd floor: It has 3 very spacious bedrooms with large balcony doors and verandas. There is a luxury bathroom with a window. Ground floor: It has a single living room, a luxury bathroom, a storage room and the possibility of constructing a bedroom (if desired). Attic: It has a 60 sqm attic with a terrace, with a wooden floor and a wooden roof with a window. It offers amazing views of Thermaikos. Additional features: There is P / C network, alarm pre-installation, satellite, solar and air condition. The front door is security and the interior doors are made of furniture. Insulation focuses on frames, floors and walls. There is double masonry, the frames are reclining, thermal and sound insulation. The heating of the house is autonomous oil with different thermostats on each floor. TEL. 2310913913

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